From top to bottom:

Acoustic Image Clarus: Purchased from Bass NW. Amazing little amp. 300w and can handle down to 2 OHms at only like 5lbs or so. Great for small gigs, jazz, etc. Clean, sweet sounding, even use it for keys.

Aguilar GS-112:
Purchased from Bass NW. I got 2 of these babies after I got sick of the Bag End 15" Cabinet "our sound is totally flat but the bass rolls off at like 40Hz". I'd personally rather hear some serious fundamental. Bergantino was too "clean" for my taste, and ACME/EA were too hi-fi, same with Epifini. Aguilar seems to add just enough booty to make it thick, and I like it chunky. They handle a good amount of power, and while talking with Aguilar, he told me they designed the 1x12" (when using 2 of them) to have more depth that the 2x12". Go figure. All in all, great cabs.

Aguilar DB-680: Purchased on Ebay used. Amazing preamp - warm yet defined. Very flexible - I can't imagine ever needing MORE. Makes the MTD really sing, keeps the brittle blues away. Guess that's what 10 tubes does.

Aguilar DB-728: Purchased used at Bass NW. You would seriously not believe what a difference a poweramp can make in your tone. I a/b'ed my old Stewart 2.1 World (2100w solid state) against this monster (400w tube) and the tonal differences were overwhelming. Think power is power? Nope. Both had a great tone, but the Stewart sounded midrangey and tigher than you would believe. The Aguilar sounds smooth, fat, and buttery. I picked #2, and I've never been sorry - well, cept when i'm lugging around the 115lb SKB case that holds the gear. Ugh.

Coming soon: GS-410, DB-359