CHP formed in 1998 in Seattle, Washington under founding members Tracy Goodsmith (drums/vocals) and Todd Van Selus (bass). Goodsmith (26) and Van Selus (26) first met in a 5th grade "gifted" school the where a young Van Selus mistakenly introduced a young Goodsmith as a girl before the class.

Perhaps more "gifted" musically than socially, the two each started music very young. Goodsmith had written and recorded entire albums on his dad's 4-track by age ten, and Van Selus practiced piano hours every day as early as age four. Van Selus picked up the bass guitar while attending the University of Washington, fighting to learn the instrument with permanently damaged wrists thanks to a freak biking accident.

Van Selus invited Josh Greegor (22) to join CHP on keyboards and trumpet. Prior to CHP, Greegor toured Costa Rica, Spain and the west coast with various jazz ensembles. Greegor, an U.W. Electrical Engineering graduate student, builds custom effect pedals for the band's guitarist, Brad Emerson (22). Emerson also, coincidently, a "gifted" elementary school graduate, rejoined CHP with a wealth of classified government secrets after taking a hiatus to work in the Pentagon.

CHP's discography includes "Smells So Funky, Tastes So Fine" (2000), a self-titled debut album (1999) and "CHP! LIVE!" (2001).